Saturday, January 29, 2011


Life is great. I'm sitting here watching the kids take a bath while my sweet wife cooks dinner. I was able to work out today making it four times for the second week in a row. I've been doing really good on all my goals (other than starting a business) :). They're still negotiating with me at work to go to Chicago and I've also been talked to about St. louis. We'd really like to move west and be closer to family but financially that may not be the best option. Works been good, I'm supposed to be in Greenville SC this week and then China for two weeks in late February.
Cindy is getting ready for another baby so I guess I should too :) No news yet but I'm sure in the next few months we'll have an announcement :)
I truly am blessed!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow in TN, another party for Kaitlyn, still working on the decition

It has snowed more this week than we've ever seen in Knoxville. We got ~4 inches last Sunday evening, then more on Monday and Tuesday. It has snowed each of the years we've been here but it usually melts the same day or at the very most it has stayed until the next day. This week there has been snow all week. There is still snow in our front yard now a week later. We took the kids sledding on Monday and Tuesday at a park just down the road from our house. Cade just grabbed a sled and went down the hill before anyone could even talk to him about it. Sadie was giggling the whole time. I sent her down by herself and she LOVED it. Luckily Cindy was at the bottom and was in the perfect position to catch her as she tumbled off the sled.

Our neighbors brought us over an awesome cardboard house that the kids can color on. They've spent hours coloring the shingles, the windows, the walls both inside and out. Thank you Herrings!!

Kaitlyn begged us for months to have a party in Tennessee with her friends too. We let her invite everyone she wanted, and she did. She had kids from our neighborhood, her primary class, and her pre-school class. There were 18 kids in all. Cindy did a great job coming up with things for them to do. They made snow globes, igloos out of marshmallows, did treasure hunts in snow, and played a dress-up game kind of like musical chairs. Kaitlyn LOVED it.

Cade had been pleading to sleep on the top bunk and I kept telling him to wait until after Kaitlyns party. So Friday night we switched the mattresses and he slept until almost 10 a.m. Saturday morning. He said that he really loved the top bunk.

Last night we had the Pulvers and the Herrings over. The guys offered to watch the kids while the girls when shopping. We had taco night and then the women ended up just hanging out and talking down stairs. After a while Cindy came in to tell me that Kaitlyn & Devin were holding hands and that I should talk to her. I told her that she was not old enough to hold any boys hands except mine. She said, "but dad, I'm really falling in love with Devin" :). She returned to the show and said, "Devin, my dad said that I can't kiss you or hold your hand any more until I'm older." Then he said, "yeah, my dad said the same thing." It was pretty funny.
Then today during sacrament meeting Cade was standing with his hand on the bench in front of us when a little girl reached up and held his hand. They sat there smiling at each other for about two minutes just holding hands on top of the bench. Dang kids take after their mom :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

December 2010

I plan on doing a much better job of posting this year but in a half hearted attempt at reviewing December we went to Washington DC and then Idaho for Christmas. In DC we went to the temple a few times, a couple Smithsonian museums, the White House, the Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery, the the Lincoln Memorial.
In Idaho we had a great time with our families. My mom and dad came up, we had Kaitlyn's 5th birthday party, went skiing at Kelly Canyon, went sledding in Blackfoot, had our annual parents only party at Boyd & Leann's, and played a whole lot of games with both families. We hit an ice storm West of St. Louis on our way out, we went to a couple of Jacoby's basketball games and one of Heidi's. We did the cinnamon challenge (see who can eat one table spoon of cinnamon the fastest) at the Prices house and then again at Corri's). Josh and Tommy and I also stood outside in the snow while Jason sprayed us with a hose as a test of Josh's manhood for his 16th birthday party :)
We had a great trip. It is always a great time getting together with family.

Nate's New Years Resolutions

Originally this family blog was intended to be used as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. Facebook has pretty much taken over that function and so I'm going to start using this blog more as a personal/family history. For those of you who check in semi-regularly I appreciate it and you're welcome to continue doing so as I do always appreciate comments. I'm starting out the year with a brief review of last years goals and making a new resolution to achieve more this year. I've spent some time developing a brief list of goals, timing for each, an action plan for accomplishing each, and a success metric for each. Last year I had many of the same goals (as I frequently do) and as always I did better on some than on others.

1. Put God first
1.1. Attend the temple 12 times. If we don’t have other plans we’ll go on the 3rd Friday of each month.
1.2. Study the scriptures for at least 30 minutes daily. On the days I go to the Y I’ll read after, if not, then I’ll get up at 6 a.m. to study.
1.3. Take time to pray earnestly both morning and evening. Before scripture study and bed.
2. Family second
2.2. Take Cindy on a weekly date. Saturdays if we haven’t done something meaningful before that.
2.3. Have FHE weekly. Cindy and I will rotate being in charge of the lessons.
2.4. Get back to the family blogs and encourage siblings on both sides to post regularly. Get blogs bound as Christmas gifts for parents and in-laws.
2.5. Dishes & laundry. On Saturdays if I haven’t done them prior.
3. Others Third
3.1. Invite 5 people to read the Book of Mormon, come church & hear the discussions. I’ve done a decent job in the past but I’d like to have a more inspired approach and then I’d like to include the experiences in my journal which I haven’t been real good at doing lately.
3.2. Read the entire Book of Mormon & keep up with Sunday school / Priesthood lessons. Start the week (M/T ) studying the priesthood manual in preparation for my lesson, then (W/Th) study the Sunday school lesson, and finally (F/S/S) read from the Book of Mormon).
4. Self Fourth
4.1. Have a career plan
4.1.1. Start by making a decision about going to Chicago or searching for a new job. Spend time each week looking for a new job that would get us closer to family and be something that will be fulfilling for me to pursue in the future.
4.1.2. Start a business on the side. Spend a few hours each week working on side jobs and pondering potential self employment opportunities. I love working with people and need to have a career where I feel I can have a positive influence on others. I’d like to be meeting more people and not spend as much time in the office. I need to feel that my efforts make a difference both in the company and for others.
4.2. Get out of debt and keep to a budget. Always done a pretty good job living within our means but this year if we move we’ll not be buying another house until we can pay for it. Also, need to get in the habit of stretching ourselves to save more than what is comfortable.
4.3. Write in my journal at least once a week. Sunday during nap time.
4.4. Exercise regularly (4x per week)
4.4.1. Get down to 200 lbs (need to lose 2lbs per month)
4.4.2. Run a marathon in the fall
4.5. Finish typing missionary journal and begin inserting pictures into my life history.
4.6. Start the outline of a book.

My intent is to get in the habit of doing the most important daily/weekly things again so that next year my goals can be a little more stretching. I do however realize that I need to revive some very important habits first :)