Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moved back to Tennessee

We moved to McDonald, TN the last week of March. The kids were excited we were going to live in a town called McDonald. It's a nice area in the country. Here's our house at 138 Kerra Lane. It's a brand new house that we're renting. We live next door to the Payton family who have 8 kids, 7 girls and 1 boy. Kaitlyn loves having so many girls to play with!

We love seeing the beautiful sunrises through the hills each morning, especially with a little fog.

No wonder there are no sprinklers in the corn fields by our house. It really pours when it rains and our kids love it! Mathew is a neighbor boy that comes over every day to play with Cade and the girls.

Monday, June 11, 2012

From January to March 2012

Not sure where any pictures went from Christmas, but we'll continue with the new year. Our cute girls all ready for church in the dresses they got for Christmas.

Sadie, 2 1/2years old

Kaitlyn, 6 years old

We painted Cade's room with a road and cars. Kaitlyn and Sadie's room was the flowers and butterflies room.

In February Nate was able to fly to Boise to watch Jacoby in the state basketball tournament. They took second and Coby played his heart out. Seth yelled his heart out to the refs.

While we lived in Naperville we had great weather! These pictures were taken in our backyard on March 17th. Everyone kept saying it was such an unusually warm winter and spring. We were starting to think that all the terrible winter stories about Chicago weren't true. We were fine with the play-in-the-water-weather-in-March!

Sadie was in for it. She was the moving target for getting sprayed. Luckily she didn't get too upset.

We got this truck just before we moved back to Tennessee. The kids loved riding it in the back on the school lawn. Cade's dream came true to finally get one! Sadie, being the youngest, usually rides in the back.

We didn't get the same picture of Sadie playing the piano before she was 2 like we did of Kaitlyn and Cade. But we did get these. She's such a photogenic girl. She always says "cheese" when we point a camera at her and gives us a big grin.

At the beginning of the year Nate interviewed for a new job with Olin Chemical in Cleveland,TN. We weren't actively searching for a new job. Nate had an old co-worker call him up to ask if it was okay that he gave Nate's resume to a friend of his who needed to hire someone as a cost engineer. Not really thinking anything would come of it, knowing that we had just relocated with a company to Chicago, Nate was offered the job. We felt good about the opportunity and to live in Tennessee again, so we accepted it. The job started April 2nd. We decided to move down during Kaitlyn's spring break so she could finish the school year in Cleveland and know some people before school was out for the summer. It was hard to leave Clow Elementary and her friends there, especially Payton Brown! Payton and Kaitlyn became the best of friends right when the school year started. They were both in Mrs. Messina's class. Kaitlyn talked constantly about Payton and how she couldn't wait to go back to school again so she could see him (even though he lived just around the corner). One Saturday she was working on riding her bike and was having trouble getting started. I said "it's hard to ride a bike sometimes when you have to think about so many things", her reply was "ya, I'm thinking about Payton". LOL!! They started having play dates and we would have game nights with Payton's parents, Kristy and Graham. They would send letters to each other in class and draw pictures for each other. So when the time came close that we were moving it was pretty sad! A few days before we moved Payton and Graham came to the door. Payton was dressed up in a blazer,white shirt, and shorts. Graham explained that he asked Payton if he would like to go over to our house to get a picture with Kaitlyn before we moved. Payton ran to his room and put on the white shirt and blazer (his own idea). Kaitlyn was playing dress-up and had put on make-up and everything before they came over. So we call this their Kindergarten Prom picture.

We had some beautiful spring blossoms on the trees in front of our house. Here's Sadie and Cade trying to pose for me in front of those trees.

We really enjoyed living in Naperville! We had a great ward and really nice neighbors. It was so fun getting to know Sheree Judd and family more. Cade and Asher became best friends and would play with each other two to three times a week. They were both so into cars and played so well together. I became really good friends with Sheree too. It was hard to say good-bye to them as well! Hopefully I'll find some pictures I took with the Judds and post them on here eventually.

Recap continued

In October we continued with our annual visit to the pumpkin patch with Pulvers. They drove up to Naperville and we found a pretty fun patch with rides, a haunted house, a giant corn box to play in, and a hog race. The haunted house was a little too scary for the smallest kids. Sadie had a look of terror on her face when she came out. Poor girl! Cade wanted to go in the haunted house again before we left.

In November we went down to see Jaxon's graduation from boot camp in Missouri. It was fun to spend the day with the Johnson's! Then we headed down to Oklahoma City for Thanksgiving with the Tanners and Grandma and Grandpa Price. Clark had just returned home from his mission in Perth, Australia so it was fun to hear his accent he picked up. We had a really delicious Thanksgiving dinner followed by many fun games and football.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time to start blogging again! Here's a recap of our past year ...starting in August.

In August, last year, we made another cross country trek to visit family. Since Naperville was only 24 hours from Idaho instead of 31, we decided to do a little sight seeing along the way. We stopped at a dinosaur park in North Dakota and then on to Mt. Rushmore. We did our typical drive through the night and arrived at these places still in pajamas.

Then it was off to Yellowstone National Park

We stopped for the weekend in Idaho. Never a dull moment there!

Boyd is holding the "special doll".

We had Unicorn Sister's water aerobics one morning.

Coordinated aunts and niece!

We continued our travels to the Peterson family reunion, in southern Utah, to celebrate Mom and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary.

The guys decided to have a ping-pong tournament. Whoever lost the round had to take his shirt off and stand there while everyone else tried hitting him with a ping-pong ball.

Hiking, swimming, cave-exploring, playing games and eating lots made it a really fun reunion.

Not long after we returned from our trip Kaitlyn started kindergarten! We happened to live right by the school so it was fun to step through our back gate and be on the school's lawn. Kaitlyn was in Mrs. Messina's class. She was a great teacher that really got Kaitlyn excited about being in kindergarten.

Before school
After school

Good little helpers