Sunday, January 25, 2009

THE CIRCUS!!! Yeah!!!

A couple days ago Amanda (my sister) e-mailed me (from Vegas) to let me know that the circus was in Knoxville (THANKS SIS!!!). So yesterday we went to the circus and had a blast.

To see the aftermath check out Cades tribute at

Monday, January 5, 2009

We Love Birthday Parties!!

Lost His Pants...

On our way home from Christmas in Idaho we had a bit of a wait in the Denver airport. Cade and Kaitlyn both loved the moving sidewalks and they were a great diversion to pass the time. I was waiting by the luggage and soon Nate came back holding Cade with no pants. Cade fell down just before they were at the end of the sidewalk and the rollers pulled his pants right off of him. Nate tried to get them out but they wouldn't budge and soon they disappeared underneath. So, Cade had to travel the rest of the way home in just a shirt and shoes. We didn't remember to pack extra clothes in the carry on bag. Here's a picture in the Nashville airport. He didn't seem to mind not having pants at all.