Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh the weather outside is....... AWESOME!!!!

Turning 30 wasn't so bad :) Thanks: hun for going camping on my birthday, Matt & Karen for going with us, Steve for giving me the day off, & our Father in Heaven for the GORGEOUS weather and such a beautiful world. I've been so blessed and am grateful for so many wonderful blessings in my life (my wonderful family, friends, the gospel of Jesus Christ, a good job, health, just to name a few).

More Easter

So we seriously need to work on our special occasion traditions because they always take a week or two to complete :) Easter was no different this year; we had a neighborhood Easter egg hunt one week, then an Easter egg hunt at the church the next week. Then the kids got new Sunday clothes for church, we had a big group dinner and spent time with friends after church, then the kids found their Easter baskets on Monday.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wanna be farmers :)

So it's a good thing that we're a little late getting our garden started because it's supposed to freeze tonight :)

Neighborhood Easter egg hunt

We had a neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Kaitlyn & Cade were in heaven.

Pictures from March 2009

Cindy is doing great with this pregnancy.

Cade is getting into nonstop mischeif!

But he's so dang cute.

The weather is getting gorgeous and Kaitlyn & Cade could spend all day everyday at the park.

Life is good, really good :)