Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

As we drove home from church I was asking Kaitlyn what she had learned today. She talked about Jesus being resurrected which led me to ask her if Jesus was still alive. She responded that he was and he appeared to Marry. I told her that was so awesome and asked what he said to her to which Kaitlyn replied, "behold, it is me, Jesus". I smiled and we talked about how great that would have felt. Then we talked about how when we are out looking for our eggs and Easter gifts that we can remember Marry who went to look for Jesus and how good she must have felt when she found him.

Then I asked Cade what he's learned at church. He got all choked up and said, "I can't remember all those things sister said." :) It was so funny. Cindy and I laughed most of the way home. As we were nearing the house we were talking to Cade and he said, "hey, I got this sticker at church today. It says to be quiet and listen but I just want to take it off and throw it in the garbage. Can I?" Yeah, we laughed the whole way home.

We just got home and sent the kids on their traditional scavenger hunt for their Easter baskets. I hid charades clues around the house and they went from clue to clue until they found their baskets. It was great! Even Sadie found her clues. She got a little distracted however by the clues. The clue on her bike made her want to ride her bike. The clue by the bananas made her want to eat bananas. But when she finally found her basket she was extremely happy. It's been a great day already.

I'm so grateful for the Savior and for the knowledge that I have that he died for us and rose the third day. He wants all of us to repent, give our burdens to him, follow his example in all that we do. He has promised that if we will follow him with all our hearts that through him we may also be resurrected and return to live with him and those we love for all eternity. I'm grateful for the peace that I feel in knowing that I have a father in heaven that knows me, cares for me, and is willing to walk with me giving comfort and guidance whenever I am humble enough to ask. I wish I was better at sharing what I know with others. The gospel of Jesus Christ is so rewarding and there truly are no questions that can't be answered here and now. Happy Easter everyone!!!