Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grandma Stoehrs funeral

Grandma Marjorie Stoehr passed away two weeks ago. We drove up to Shawano Wisconsin last weekend for her funeral. It was great to see all of the aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, etc. that came. It was perfect rainy Wisconsin weather. We LOVE you and miss you grandma but know that you did all that you were called to do in this life and that you are happy. Thank you for your wonderful example of faith, service, and selfless charity.

Sadie was cute as can be.

We spent quite a bit of time together with family before and after the funeral. Uncle Kelly took us to an awesome museum/zoo/harley store. We all loved the 7 motor motorcycle.

After the funeral we headed south again. We spent the night in Chicago. SunCoke Energy is moving to Chicago in the Spring and I've been invited to go so we spent a little time on the way up and back to explore the area. We stopped by a chapel and talked with a church member for a while. Then we went to the temple. Since it was Sunday the gates were closed but some more members drove by and stopped by to speak with us for a while.

I don't know if we'll end up moving to Chicago or not but it is really quite a beautiful city in the fall.

On our way out of town we went to the zoo at Lincoln Park. It was a great great memorable trip.

I had meetings in Middletown Ohio on Tuesday and Haverhill Ohio on Wednesday. Cindy and the kids were shopping at IKEA outside Cincinnati when a tornado warning sounded so everyone went down into an underground hallway for a little bit. Luckily I was able to get there and we were able to travel to Haverhill without incident.

October - Sadieville, Sue Bennett College, and fall colors

Earlier this year we drove through the Smoky Mountains and stopped into Cades Cove so last week on our way up to Wisconsin we had to stop and get a picture just outside of Sadieville :)

Right after high school a few friends and I attended Sue Bennett College in London Kentucky and played football. On our way to Wisconsin last week we drove through London so we stopped in to show Cindy and the kids where I stayed.

and the sweet practice field :)

I LOVE fall colors!!! Growing up in Arizona I thought fall colors just meant a different shade of brown.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good bye Grandma Stoehr

A couple of weeks ago we went over to Oklahoma to visit my grandma Stoehr. I'm very glad that we did because I was able to talk to her, give her a couple of priesthood blessings, and tell her that I loved her a few more times. Marjorie Stoehr passed away yesterday morning. I love you grandma!!!!! Thanks for your wonderful example of a good Christian life. Give grandpa a hug for me.

Echo Valley Corn Maze - Oct 16th

Today we drove over to Jefferson City and went to the Echo Valley Corn Maze. We had a great time. They have 2 different size slides, 3 different hay rides, swings, 2 different hay bail mazes for the kids, a little petting zoo, a corn box (like a sand box but with corn. It was a big hit), cow milking :), 3 different corn mazes, etc.

Sadie got to pick her first pumpkin (kind of.... I'm pretty sure I picked up the one she wanted :))

I'll bet Cade went down the tube slide 30+ times. Man I love lifes simple pleasures.

It was fun watching the kids try to find their way through a hay bail maze. Eventually Kaitlyn, Cade, & Sadie all made it through (Devin & Lilly Pulver made it too :))

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cader is 3!!

Cade has asked me at least every other day if it's still his birthday. He also asks if he's still three. We had a great birthday party for him with bike races, water gun fights, jumping on the trampoline and getting sprayed, and having a big picnic outside with all of his friends.

Sadie was in on the race the stroller.

Sadie was reliving her birthday party with a whole cupcake all to herself.

Kaitlyn showing off the latest trend.

Cade sporting some new Sunday clothes and Kaitlyn showing her missing tooth.

Cade is such a joy and puts his whole heart into everything he does...especially eating cereal and playing with cars. He loves having Nate flip him on the bed, climbing and jumping off the couch, and anything outside, especially swimming. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said "rocks". I think he had in mind of rocks he could go through in the lake. He is a sweet little guy and so fun to have around!