Sunday, December 30, 2012

We moved back to Knoxville!

After spending a couple of months in McDonald we decided we really wanted to live back in Knoxville. We wanted to live in the house we owned rather than rent a house. We also wanted to be be nearer to more activities and parks for our family. We are really glad we could move back and pick up where we left off when we moved to Chicago. We moved the second week in July and tried to pack in some good summertime fun before Kaitlyn started school again in August.
We went with the Pulvers to the Circle G Safari and had a fun time feeding the animals right from our car. They weren't at all shy getting right up to us so we could hand feed them.

Summer 2012

We brought Sam and Grandma Price home with us after the family reunion in Oklahoma. We had a lot of fun outings and memories with them.

Trip to some historical Native American sites.

Weekend trip to Savannah, Georgia. The beach was beautiful and we all had a great time swimming in the ocean! Sorry Nate and Sam for not applying your sunscreen better.

Trying out some boiled peanuts...not bad.

Sadie turned 3 June 19th. It was great to have Grandpa Price there too!

This is how I found Sadie one night when I went to tuck her in. She must have gone to sleep saying her prayers.

Sam was great to have around for a good part of the summer! He kept the kids pretty entertained and was always willing to help out. We went camping near a small lake. Sam was the champion creature capturer.

Oklahoma Price Family Reunion

For Mom and Dad Price's 50th wedding anniversary we all met in Oklahoma at a cabin to spend a few days all together. It was a great cabin to fit so many of us with plenty around for all age groups to do. Some of the highlights included:

Guy's super uno tournaments

Girl's Unicorn Party with LeAnn's homemade unicorn heads

Cliff jumping and diving

Rafting trip down the river...not white water rafting but still a lot of fun!

Eating, playing games and having a wonderful time!