Thursday, March 20, 2014

Christmas Trip Out West and Winter Fun

We drove out to Littlefield to spend Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Peterson and family. 
Poor little Lucy was sick the entire time we were in Littlefield. She wanted to be held the whole time and hardly got down to play. From these pictures it looks like Kaitlyn was the only one of the kids who felt good. :)

Thank you Mom and Dad Peterson for this gift!
Nate wore this awesome shirt and Dad's suspenders to claim his place as Dad's favorite. Everyone had a good laugh.
We found Sadie asleep under the Christmas tree while we were all playing games.

After we returned from Kailyn's baptism we had our second annual "Man Challenge". This year consisted of seeing who could hold up some heavy books the longest, a word search challenge, knocking over bottles with rocks, the shot put (with big rocks) and an obstacle course. It was fun to see some of the little ones participating as much as they could. Jake won the challenge again.

Cade got his first haircut on Grandma's balcony. You know you're in Littlefield, AZ when you can be outside like this in December.
We headed up to Payson, UT to spend New Years at Corri and Bert's new house and to be there for  Bradley's Eagle Court of Honor. The kids were pretty excited to get to play in snow and go sledding with their cousins. We even got to see Clark for a bit at the sledding hill.

The kids had delicious pizza rolls and nachos for their New Year's Eve dinner. The adults had delicious navajo tacos. As always we had a great time being with family for the holidays!