Monday, November 11, 2013

More Summer Fun and Cade goes to Kindergarten

4th of July was rainy this year. We still went to the annual parade by the town of Farragut. It left a lot to be desired but it was still fun being with the Pulvers and Sinks and getting candy. 

Lucy spent most of her naps in the first few months of life in this swing. She would sleep in the most uncomfortable-looking positions and stay like that her whole nap. We would try to prop her back up with a blanket if she looked too this.
One summer day the kids and I decided to make a special dinner for when Daddy came home. They thought it was pretty exciting that we were actually lighting candles and turning off the lights. We all "dressed up" for the occasion. Sadie dressed up as Spiderman. :)

Kaitlyn took her job seriously to make everything look just right with ribbons, pretty napkins, and fruit slices on the rim of the glasses. She was the waitress as well.
Cade also dressed up in a cape. It was our family favorite: tuna casserole, fruit, and kool-aid. I wonder what our family favorite meal will be in 10 years from now.

After dinner we had a dance. Daddy took a turn with everyone to swing them around, dip, and twirl.

I helped Kaitlyn put on make-up for the occasion too. Lucy likes to dance and Kailyn loves to hold her any chance she gets.
We couldn't pass up the chance to get free food from Chick-fil-a by dressing up as cows. we learned that next time we have to dress up from head to toe to get a whole meal free. This time we each got a free item.

Miss Lucy Jane and Miss Chloe Jane. Chloe McCormick is just a few months older than Lucy. It's fun to watch them grow together.
Kaitlyn's first day of second grade. She was so cute in planning a week in advance what she wanted to wear and how she wanted her hair. She said she wanted a bun in her hair "like college girls wear theirs". She has always been into fashion. She got the only male teacher in the whole grade, Mr. Nicholson. It ends up that he is our next door neighbor's brother.  
 Cade was thrilled to start kindergarten! We all get to tease Dad about how he spelled kindergarden for his sign. :) Cade had to stagger start so he didn't go on the first day with Kaitlyn. He went once a week, for a half day, on Wednesdays for two weeks. Then he started all day every day the following week. He got Ms. Cleland for his teacher. Christopher, his best bud in the neighborhood is also in his class. Lincoln Hobbs, our other sweet neighbor boy with special needs has Ms. Cleland for his homeroom teacher. It was pretty exciting to go to school and know someone already.

 First time riding the bus for Cade. The bus comes at 6:45. I thought it would be rough for our night owl, Cade, to get up and go on time. He was up as soon as we went in his room.

 This is the second or third day riding the bus. Had to make sure I got a good shot.

 Cade's first time getting off the bus. He was all smiles when he got home. He had been waiting for a long time to start school.
The three school buds. We switched off with Laura to pick the kids up and walk home after school. Sadie was always excited to go get Mekenzie, Kaitlyn, and Cade. Mekenzie was in Kaitlyn's class too. 
 Sadie was posing for a picture in her new dress. She is such a delight! She is strong-willed but she sure lives life to the fullest. She has been such a fun little side-kick with the older kids in school. She is always willing to help me and she loves to do puzzle, read stories, and watch shows. And she LOVES to eat snacks...all the time.

 Daddy has lots of fun holding Lucy in her cheerleading stance. She has got some strong legs.
 Lucy started crawling in August. She is such a happy baby and goes with the flow of the craziness in our house so well.
 She would get a little frustrated when her legs weren't cooperating with her to get her to where she wanted to be. It didn't take her long to master crawling though.

 Kaitlyn loves coming home from school to hold her baby sister. Lucy loves to be with her too.
 When Sadie and I walk up to the bus stop she makes sure to walk on the curb the entire time. Very determined little girl.

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